Street Fight Starts With Sucker Punch, Ends With ROWDY K.O. Takedown And Dude Getting Pinned WWE-Style

I won’t presume to know the circumstances which led up to this kerfuffle by the lockers. All I know is some tiny dude walked up to a guy much larger than him and sucker punched the big dude in the face. The bigger guy could’ve easily had it coming, he could potentially be a bully who was finally getting his comeuppance when the tiny dude stood up for himself, or it could be the exact opposite circumstances and the littler dude is actually the bully. In fact, these two could even be brothers fighting over who got the last Eggo Waffle for breakfast.

I’m not at all concerned with the circumstances which led to these two bros coming to fisticuffs in the hall. All I care about is how the bigger dude who got blindsided/sucker punched to start the fight ended the brouhaha with a full on WWE-style pin, lifting the other dude’s leg and demanding he taps out. If there’s not a more demeaning way to end a fight than that, is there? Coincidentally, it’s also the most stand up way to end a fight because you’re not just beating the piss out of the dude until he’s unconscious, instead you are forcing him to give up. A++, 10 out of 10, would watch again.

We have to watch that takedown once more in GIF, right?

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(h/t StreetFights via StreetFights)