Stripper Does Responsible Thing With Newborn Daughter During Audition But Of Course Her Friend Totally Blew It

by 3 years ago
Stripper Mom

Nashville Police Department

Kelsey McMurtry, a 24-year-old stripper from Nashville, asked her friend Summer Taylor to watch her 9-month-old baby while she was auditioning inside the Deja Vu strip club. OK, fine, asking her to watch the kid IN HER HOME would have been better but at least mom had good intentions.

Naturally, 19-year-old Summer was a moron who totally doesn’t understand what WATCH THE BABY means. She left the kid inside the car with the windows closed and dressed in “heavy winter clothing” as she went inside to watch the audition.

It was 72 degrees outside, but the temp in the hot car was 106 degrees.  Police found the baby dressed in heavy winter clothes, drenched in sweat. It was determined by cop that the baby was in the car for 30 minutes.

The baby was taken to the hospital and then into custody by the TN Department for Children’s Services.

Taylor was charged with child neglect. McMurtry was charged with child neglect and criminal impersonation because she originally gave a fake name to cops when they arrived. She probably gave her stripper name, out of habit.

[via 107.5 The River]

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