Student Attacked By High School Safety Coordinator For FILMING Brawl And Even Gets Suspended

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A huge brawl erupted at a high school, so as any normal person who wanted to get views on their Twitter or Instagram account would do, Deanthonie Taylor whipped out his phone and began recording. Suddenly, the fight was taken to him, not by one of the combatants, but oddly enough by the safety coordinator for the high school.

During the nasty free-for-all at the Pine Forest High School in Fayetteville, North Carolina, safe school coordinator Ricky O’Briant attacked Taylor because he was filming the fight. The school prohibits videotaping any physical altercations.

Taylor recorded O’Briant pinning a girl on the ground, then O’Briant apparently ordered Taylor to stop filming.

“He pointed at me and said something, and I didn’t hear what he said, and then he came up and grabbed my phone,” Taylor said.

Video captured by a different student shows O’Briant getting very physical with Taylor, pinning him to the ground using force near his throat. When they both get up, O’Briant grabs Taylor and tosses the student to the ground.

The 15-year-old suffered some scratches on his chest and injured his wrist. To add insult to injury, he was also suspended from school for recording video of the fight with his cell phone.

Regardless if filming is against the rules, it wasn’t hurting anyone to film, and the brutal brawl seemed to be raging on between other students. One would think that the “safe” school coordinator’s #1 priority is the safety of the students.

“I still cry when I see it, and I get upset,” says Deanthonie’s mom, Sonya Taylor. She wants action taken against O’Briant.

However, David Culbreth, the Pine Forest High School principal, says the video doesn’t show the incident in its entirety and an investigation is ongoing. “That’s why we wanted to do a thorough investigation and contacted and turned it over to police to let them investigate the incident fully,” Culbreth said.

Filming should not immediately turn into a physical altercation.


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