‘You Wanna Pop?’ KA-PLOW!!! Surprising Knockout Ends Fight Real Quick

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At first glance, I totally had the dude in the blue shirt winning this fight. No question about it. But never judge a husky bald guy by his black v-neck shirt and his doughy physique.

The two combatants take turns asking each other if they “wanna pop.” The fella in all black definitely wants to pop and he does with authority.

One hell of a punch and it’s fucking over real quick.

The best part is the gentleman who dispensed the nasty KO was giving health tips on how to tend to the guy that he just flattened.

“Can’t touch him, you gotta let him lay down man. Let him get his fucking bodily signs together again.”

Fuck bruh, how’s that cheek doing? Looks like you got Kardashian butt implants inserted in your mouth.