Tabasco Is Making a Sriracha Sauce

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One of America’s most iconic hot sauce brands is making its offerings a little Thai spicy.

Tabasco is selling a Sriracha Sauce. From representatives of the company:

Tabasco Sriracha Sauce is a limited edition product, currently only available through the Tabasco Country Store. As McIlhenny Company develops new products and innovations, occasionally they are shared with fans through the Country Store.

Tabasco Sriracha Sauce is made with red peppers and has the slightly sweet and garlicky taste of a traditional sriracha sauce with the signature Tabasco Sauce balance of vinegar.

So now when I want to get Thai food I can America it up? FUCK. YES. No more Huy Fucking Fong Rooster Sauce. It’s Tabasco Sriracha or GTFO. (And yes, I know the Rooster is an American product. I ain’t care. )

The 15 oz. bottle retails for $4.99 and can be purchased here. It might be available in stores by 2015.

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