Is Taco Bell Rolling Out A Secret, Sriracha-Based Menu?

It sounds like a dream come true. Taco Bell-laced with Sriracha. Actually, it doesn’t sound like a dream come true. It sounds like something you would do when high, when you got home with a big bag of the T.

But now, you may not need to provided your own rooster sauce. Because Taco Bell’s bringing it to you. The sauce has been spotted in Kansas City, where a Redditor ran into the menu.

I went to my local taco bell to try a starburst freeze and I noticed in addition to their new breakfast items they’re also offering a new Sriracha menu. Anyone else getting this? I couldn’t find anything about it on google.

I tried a sriracha breakfast burrito which was okay. They seem to be using a “sriracha creme” sauce, which has familiar flavor but not as much heat. Isn’t quite the same. They’ve got a few other sriracha items I can’t remember.

The Huffington Post reported on the matter, finding that the secret menu contains quite a number of options.

Interested parties can try: the Sriracha Nachos Supreme, the Sriracha Quesarito, the breakfast Sriracha Scrambler Burrito (with eggs, potatoes, nacho cheese, Sriracha, and pico de gallo), the Sriracha Loaded Griller, and the Sriracha Taco.

And toilet paper manufacturers worldwide rejoiced.

No word yet on when or if the menu will appear nationwide.

[H/T @lkaskowitz]