What Is This You Say? Taco Bell Is Serving Loaded Fries And Chicken Nuggets? What The What?

by 1 year ago

Taco Bell is one of the few fast food joints where you can’t get fries and chicken nuggets, but the times they are a-changin’. The fast food giant is serving fries with “habanero” seasoning or loaded fries with all the fixins such as beef, tomatoes, nacho cheese, sour cream, with additional add-ons available like guacamole, bacon, and jalapeรฑo peppers.

Regular fries cost just 50 cents, while “Bell Grande” fries cost $2.

Taco Bell is fucking with your emotions because these fatty treats are not available nationwide.


As of right now the fries and nuggets are only available at the restaurant in Irvine, California, where Taco Bell’s headquarters are located.

Loaded fries have been available around the world for years now including in Guatemala, Chile, and Canada.

Taco Bell, you’ve changed. But change can be delicious.


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