I Can’t Tell If This Girl’s ‘Taken’ Inspired Tinder Bio Is The Sexiest Bio I’ve Ever Read Or If She’s Level 100 Crazy



On one hand, Taken is a movie so Bro that Liam Neeson was willing to come back for 2 nonsensical sequels that people paid to see despite knowing that it would be horrible parenting for the girl to get “Taken” a second and THIRD TIME. On the other hand, I might just be terrified of matching with this girl. What if I’m tired? What if I’m hungover and don’t feel like getting my brains fucked right outta my skull? Maybe I pulled a muscle and need a few days off for recovery purposes, then what? Is she still going to hunt me down and fuck me? Normally that’d be hot but dude, sometimes you just need an afternoon nap where you DON’T wake up to some girl riding your junk as reruns of Judge Judy play in the background. I’m so torn.

[H/T Reddit]