There Is Now A Talking Girlfriend Pillow That Responds To Touch For Guys Who Have Given Up On Life

Of course this talking girlfriend pillow comes to us from The Land of WTF… JAPAN!

Not happy with just any regular old anime girlfriend pillow (so boring) Japanese developer Koichi Uchimura decided to dial the creepiness up to 11 and created a “dakimakura,” as they’re called in Japan, that responds to *shudder* your touch.

This is now the world we live in.
Reports RocketNews24

“When we’d sleep in the same bed, I’d start to think, ‘I wish she could talk,’ so I wanted to make that a reality.” The result was Rina Makuraba, whose family name is a pun on makura, the Japanese word for pillow.

The Ita-Supo isn’t as rudimentary as a button-activated speaker inside a pillowcase, though. As Uchimura explains in the product’s introductory video, “If you don’t rub her, she won’t make any sounds. You have to rub her.”

Of course there is an instructional video (below) in which Uchimura calls the pillow his wife then proceeds to go straight for her breasts and, uh, nether regions. Dude isn’t messing around.

But don’t get TOO rough with “her” because if you do she’ll get mad and yell at you, saying things like “Hey, that hurts!” and “Hey, hands off!” Do it too often and she’ll stop talking to you altogether.

It also comes with over 500 speech patterns and new expansions are in the works which you can download to your smartphone then transfer right into the pillow.

Of course if you want one, just plop down 20,000 yen (or $165.50 US) and one of these “ladies” can be all yours.

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