Watch This Teacher Get Smashed In The Face By Student And Not Even Bat An Eye

This teacher must have majored in “Taking A Punch” in college because he didn’t even flinch when he was brutally assaulted. This very ill-tempered student from Westfield High School in Houston, Texas decided he was going to voice his displeasure with a substitute teacher and he did so by punching him square in the face with an extremely loud and vicious punch. However this guy is the Jake LaMotta of teachers. He takes the punch and doesn’t fall down, he doesn’t even take a step back. This kid is so lucky that the teacher didn’t just go off and destroy him. The teacher was taken to the hospital with serious pain to his head and was waiting for the results if a CT scan. This is why as a substitute teacher you always show an educational movie instead of trying to teach. Nobody gets mad at educational movies. Everybody just goes to sleep.


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