Nissan’s New Smart Chairs Are Perfect For The Office Bros Too Lazy To Push Their Seats In

Lend a warm, hearty round of applause to Nissan for inventing smart chairs that spare the lazy bros of this world from having to push/re-arrange their chairs, ’cause who has time for that anyways? Okay but actually, maybe hold off on the claps if one of these bad boys are in the room, because therein lies the beautiful if not vaguely troubling element of the technology–moving the Nissan Smart Chair is as simple as a clap of the hands. Kind of trippy, kind of unconventional. There are way too many dudes out there that’d have a hell of a time messing ’round the office with clap-activated, self-parking chairs. I mean, come on right?

[protected-iframe id=”5cb8b0a49c95ab455410a0d68eced6d8-97886205-100018822″ info=”//″ width=”480″ height=”270″ frameborder=”0″ class=”giphy-embed” allowfullscreen=””]


And even if a company were to order a truck’s worth of these new high-tech chairs, how would one go about giving a round of applause at the next praiseworthy meeting/conference if that meant all the damn chairs would book it for the next exit or scatter in some sort of chaotic and confused mess? It wouldn’t unless Nissan has plans to tinker with the tech to avoid such an inevitable and undesirable outcome. Either way props to the tech-savvy company for unleashing some futuristic furniture, that I’m totally still down to fuck with.