Ted Cruz Used An ‘Office Space’ Spoof To Destroy The Clintons And It’s Truly Brilliant

Remember that glorious scene in Office Space where the boys finally say enough is enough and ferociously destroy one of Initech’s printers? It’s right up there with any scene involving Milton and his beloved stapler.

Well, this morning Ted Cruz’s team offered up a first look at a new anti-Clinton ad, hilariously replacing that godforsaken printer that couldn’t stop saying “PC Load Letter” with Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

I don’t care where your political allegiances stand, this is fucking brilliant.

Hillary taking her bare fists to the server was the perfect touch.

I never thought I would live to say “creative” and “Ted Cruz” in the same sentence, but in this case it’s well deserved; though obviously not his idea. Big money buys great creative.

Damn it feels good to be a Clinton.

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