MORE LIKE CRYIN’ TED: The Internet’s Reactions To Cruz Dropping Out Were Incredible

With Donald Trump’s impending victory in Indiana, it seems that his delegate road to the White House is all but paved, leaving his rivals licking their wounds and trying to figure out how they lost to a man who rocks a $12 toupée on the daily.

Reports indicate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is set to drop out of the race after tonight’s embarassing and disgraceful defeat at the hands of Donald Trump.

UPDATE: And Cruz definitively just put an end to his campaign:

More like Cryin’ Ted, amirite? HAHAHAHA. The internet is laughing just as hard right now…

Personally, I thought it was pretty much over for Cruz when he ate his own booger on stage during one of the GOP debates, but hey, do what you love, that’s what they say right? Cruz loved showing up week in and out and having his ass handed to him in the polls, but I guess he literally cannot fiscally support that anymore, so, VAMOOSH YA SON-OF-A-BITCH.

It was a good run……….LOL not.