Republican Ted Cruz’s Deputy Chief Of Staff Made A Pretty Compelling Argument Blaming Obama For Ebola


Nick Muzin, an advisor and deputy chief of staff to Ted Cruz, wasted no time making a politically charged point on Twitter last night after a case of ebola was confirmed in New York City.

To be fair, he’s completely correct. To be even more fair, I’m not sure there’s a connection.

The amazing connect-the-dots work was quickly deleted but not before it was noticed by pretty much everyone else on the Internet.

A few hours later Muzin explained it was only a joke.


Personally I don’t think he should have apologized. His tweet was both factually accurate and thought-provoking. And exhaustively researched.

I greatly look forward to Muzin’s future comedic stylings. Bad things have happened literally every day since Obamacare was implemented. His stable of potential jokes is endless.