Teen Poses with Dead Body in Worst Instagram Selfie Ever

by 4 years ago


On a high school’s recent field trip to the University of Alabama Birmingham’s biology labs, a teenager hit a new low in the selfie game: after a friend pulled back a sheet covering a cadaver, the teen posed with the dead body and uploaded the pic to Instagram. She later deleted the picture but by that point it had gone viral.

Naturally, school officials are pissed, the biology lab is pissed, and anyone who had a family member donated to science is pissed. Let this be a lesson for anyone with an Instagram and access to a corpse: hey, don’t take a selfie with it.

Ya know, what is going on with kids these days? Back in my day—around six, seven months ago—teens posed with teachers going into labor. And it was funny, goddammit.


[H/T: Daily Mail]


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