Charges Coming For Teen Filmed Swimming In A Bass Pro Shops Fish Tank As Part Of Prank

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Bass Pro Shops Fish Tank Prank

CBS Denver

I’ve often daydreamed about getting to go fishing in one of the numerous fish tanks found inside of Bass Pro Shops across the nation, but I’ve never thought about swimming in one. A prank that’s gone somewhat viral involved a teen jumping into the fish tank at a Bass Pro Shops in Denver, injuring his head in the foolish prank, and now there are criminal charges pending for him.

You can see footage of the incident here, via CBS Denver:


Bass Pro Shops Fish Tank Prank

CBS Denver

If you’ve ever been to a Bass Pro Shops then you’ve likely seen one of these iconic fish tanks. They’re often the centerpiece of the store, and the fish tanks are stocked with all sorts of species native to whatever region the Bass Pro Shops store is in. They’re awesome, and they look fairly large from the outside, but if you look closely it’s easy to see that these fish tanks are extremely crowded.

They’re often built to incorporate the local underwater landscape, with hanging trees, rocks, and ledges. It would be a VERY BAD idea to try and dive headfirst into one of these, as this Denver teen has discovered.

According to CBS Local Denver, the incident required Bass Pro Shops to bring in an animal care team to ensure the fish didn’t die after the incident. I can’t imagine that was cheap for Bass Pro Shops so it’s not at all surprising that they’d want to press charges, and a representative from Bass Pro Shops told CBS Local that they’d be prosecuting the teen to the fullest extent.

Hilariously, a parent who was present Sunday during the incident blamed ‘bad parenting’ as the reason this prank took place….Have you ever noticed that anyone vocally blaming something on ‘bad parenting’ is often the shittiest parent? I certainly have.

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