The Entire World Is Freaking Out Over This Math Problem For Teenagers—Can You Solve It?

This math problem hasn’t quite reached the fervor caused by ‘the dress’, but it’s already been discussed by the NYTimes, The Guardian, and others across the world. People are freaking out over this logic problem involving some obnoxious chicks who won’t just tell her friends the date of her birthday.

If you can’t solve this problem on your own, don’t worry, we’ll get you there even though you’re not smart enough to hand a simple logic question designed for teenagers…

The question first popped up (according to UPROXX), on the Facebook page of a TV producer in Singapore, and has since gone viral. See if you can answer it on your own before we have to discuss how stupid you are:

You got it, right? The answer jumped right off the page for you? Because if you just use the information in front of you then there’s no reason you shouldn’t know the answer, and if you know it then you should comment down below in the comments with how you got there.

If you’re not quick enough to solve this on your own, don’t fret, you are NOT alone. Like I said before, this math problem is basically ‘the dress’ all over again. People are PISSED that they can’t solve this math equation for teenagers. So to help you on your way to solving it the NYTimes has put together a set of steps to get you to the answer, as has The Guardian. Business Insider also has a pretty ‘easy to understand’ explanation for those of you that are still stumped.

[H/T to UPROXX via the NYT]