What’s That Dark Cloud In The Water? Oh, That’s Just TEN THOUSAND Sharks Swimming Off A Beach In Florida

A helicopter captured footage of an estimated 10,000 sharks swimming just feet off of Palm Beach, and it’s just one more reason for you to never go swimming again. Listen, it’s their ocean and we should never be surprised to see sharks swimming around, but when you see sharks migrating in numbers like this it’s just unsettling. Seriously, get ready to be freaked the fuck out. Just when you think the school of sharks is going to end they KEEP ON GOING:

I’ve seen some NatGeo footage before of MASSIVE schools of Great Hammerhead sharks, but those are in deep water and always somewhere exotic like The Galapagos Islands. This though, this was filmed at a beach I’ve personally swam at many times in my life. These sharks were swimming up the beaches of my home state of Florida, this is freaky as hell.

I’m used to seeing an abundance of sharks around tarpon season, a fish that hammerheads and bull sharks LOVE to eat, but that only happens in my part of Florida usually from late April until mid-June. These sharks shouldn’t be there right now, it’s too much. I’m supposed to be in South Beach next weekend, at the speed those sharks are moving they’ll still be swimming by when I’m looking to jump in the water…I want none of this.

[h/t TheEpochTimes]