Amazonian Testicle-Chomping ‘Nutcracker’ Fish Found In New Jersey

Well, looks like it’s time to find a friend with a pool because there goes swimming in New Jersey this summer. A NJ fisherman caught a fish that feasts on testicles originally from the Amazon that has found it’s way to the Garden State.

This weekend, Ron Rossi was fishing with his son at a lake in South Jersey near Philadelphia, and he hooked what he originally thought was a piranha, but after further inspection realized that he had caught a Pacu. Instead of razor-sharp piranha teeth, this fish had chompers that were much like human teeth.

This is the same species of fish was blamed for the death of two New Guina men in 2011 after it chewed off the testicles and they died from blood loss.

The Nutcracker can grow up to four feet long and uses its molar-like teeth to crush food, but can not survive in cold weather. The ball-gnawing fish is apparently found in 32 U.S. states now including Florida. The fish is charmingly named “The Nutcracker” and “Ball Cutter,” which just invoked me to coddle my junk in fear.

This isn’t the first time that the Pacu has been caught in NJ, in 2013, a fisherman caught a 10-inch pacu in Passaic’s Third Ward Veterans Memorial Park.

Officials believe that the exotic fish was most likely purchased for an aquarium, then released in Swedes Lake.

So don’t forget your water-proof sunscreen, swimming trunks and most importantly a protective cup if you dare venture in any NJ lakes this summer.