Some Guy In Texas Found One Of The Last Remaining Blockbuster Video Stores And Does A Little Exploring

So, annoying “explorational found footage” commentary aside, how the hell is this store still open? I literally haven’t seen an operational Blockbuster in almost five years and there used to be three within a two mile radius of my house. Who the fuck pays to rent movies anymore? If it’s not on Netflix or HBO Go, you can really find anything on the internet. I mean, sure, if the FBI happens to be reading this, I’d like to go on record and say that I personally have never pirated a film on the internet, but I definitely know where to look. It’s pretty telling about the state of the store that it is completely empty and also still has the promotional art from the first Iron Man hanging up on the walls. That and the fact that, until this video popped up, I just assumed that Blockbuster was completely defunct. Of the three I used to go to, one became a pharmacy and another got knocked down so a halfway house could be built on the property. Nothing says “We’re never coming back” than having your entire structure subbed out in favor of a haven for drug addicts.