Thailand Bro Gets Jumped By A Monkey And This Fight Is Almost Too Incredible To Be Real

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Monkey vs Man


Almost couldn’t believe this was real the first time I watched it, but upon further evaluation, it just has to be. A man going toe-to-toe with a monkey, because this is the internet and nothing is impossible!

I wish I spoke Thai (the original video didn’t have subtitles) to know what kind of beef those bros were spitting at the monkey prior to throwing a shoe its way provoking an entire can of whoop ass to be opened up because monkey did not take kindly to it. And if we’re being honest, monkey won this fight handily. No question. Scored the first takedown, maybe got a few paw shots in for the moment they went toe-to-toe, and managed to throw that poor bro down the river bank, too. So for the record, don’t fuck with the monkeys in Chachoengsao, Thailand, because this is how they roll. Buncha wild gangster monkeys roaming around defacing peoples rides!

At least that’s what the video’s description suggests:

A monkey appeared out of the blue and not only claimed the seat, but also peed and bit the seat, on this motorcycle. The owner didn’t like that, so he threw a shoe to get the monkey run and it charged. No animals or humans were injured in this altercation.

But I’m sure that Thai bro’s ego was a little bruised after that run in with the animal kingdom.

For what it’s worth, don’t ever feed the monkeys that live on the rock of Gibraltar either. Those Barbary macaques are just as savage and have no problem coming at your just as fiercely. You know, in case you’re planning a trip to Europe or something.

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