Are These Guy Fieri-Style Flame Crocs The Hottest Party Shoes Of The Summer?

What are your favorite summer party shoes? Classic Sperry boat shoes? Adidas Stan Smiths? Classic washed Vans that you can wear without sock? Floafers? Kirkland 11s?

What if I told you that the next big craze in summer party shoes is *actually* a pair of 100% ironic Guy Fieri-Style Flame Crocs. That goes against all conventional wisdom considering that *most* rational human beings consider Crocs to be so damn uncool that they’re practically a form of birth control.

But, hear me out. Thanks to the Internet’s wacky weirdness, the Crocs Bistro Collection shoe is quickly becoming the #1 summer hypebeast shoe on the Internet.

Just look at these bad boys. Throw these on at a pool party…



A couple weeks ago I was bored on a train late at night, doing what people do when they’re bored on a train late at night: Looking at memes. A friend posted about a pair of flames Crocs that could be a staple in Guy Fieri’s Flavortown wardrobe. So I did what all aspiring meme lords would do: I took it one step further and made a meme:

These special edition flames Crocs are taking the Internet by storm. They exploded in popularity a few weeks ago when they were featured on Dillion Francis’s social channels during a very lit performance in Vegas:

Leading to this amusing exchange:

Meanwhile, the *rest* of the Internet is mildly obsessed.


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