This Is Supposedly The Quietest Seat On Every Airplane, Assuming You Can Fall Asleep On A Plane In The First Place

Riding in an airplane is fun when you fall between the ages of five and twelve, but as an adult? Fuck that shit. They’re cramped, loud, and considering that over 1/3rd of the country is classified as “obese,” the chances that the puny seat you’ve managed to squeeze your girth into will be encroached upon by some “curvy” person next to you is ever-increasing. With all that in mind, according to JetBlue pilot Christian P. you can at least alleviate the constant sound of rushing air we all get subjected to on planes by following this one simple tip:

He said passengers should choose a seat towards the front of the plane. Other experts said that seat should be on the aisle.

‘There’s less noise when you’re sitting forward of the wings,’ the JetBlue pilot explained. ‘On most planes the engines are located under the wings.

‘Sitting in the front of the wing is like being behind a speaker. All of the sounds of the engine and disturbed air are projected away from you. For a more peaceful ride find a seat in the front of the cabin.’(via)

As for why you should also choose to sit on the aisle as opposed to the window, chair of the UK Flight Safety Committee, Dai Whittingham, says that “As a basic principle, the seats forward of the engines tend to be quieter. Aft of the wings there is also likely to be some additional aerodynamic noise from the wings themselves.” Window seats, on the other hand, “are noisier than aisle seats because you are closer to the skin of the aircraft – sound intensity decreases inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source.”

Translated into English for idiots: sit in the front of the plane in an aisle seat if you’re looking to get a good nap while in the air, assuming you can ignore the constant influx of people passing you as they walk to the bathroom.

Then again, if you pick a seat on the aisle you wouldn’t be able to see the solar eclipse like these passengers:

[H/T Daily Mail]