This Man Who Asked A Cop ‘Are You Waiting To Receive My Limp Penis’ While Being Arrested Is A Legend

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Paul Charles Dozsa is a former chess champion, and a man who had a predilection for skipping out on so many expensive meals he was dubbed the ‘restaurant runner’ (he was charged 54 times for bailing on meals).

After trying to do so at a restaurant in Sydney and being apprehended a legendary video of him was shot, and it’s only just now come to my attention. He was an extremely active dine-and-dasher through the year 2000, but is said to have passed away in 2003.

In this legendary video things go from civil to ‘bro, quit grabbing my dick’ in no time at all, only he’s must more polite when dealing with the officers.

h/t to @thealecb for passing along this video



I can only imagine what life would be like right now if that man had lived through the rise of YouTube…


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