Some Nincompoop Accidentally Set Off An Entire Fireworks Display At Once, The Result Looks Like World War 3



The pyrotechnicians behind a fireworks display have a very calculated set of steps, you are to light X firework at Y time, and so on and so forth. This nincompoop from Italy followed no instructions, screamed out YOLO (probably), and set the world on fire.

In Italy this lil hiccup might be known as an accident, but here in ‘Murica we call this the grand finale. Unfortunately for the screaming spectators this was no finale, it was unexpected, and it was over as quickly as a prom night romp.

But just because it was an accident and the Italians blew their load all at once doesn’t mean it isn’t an incredible sight to behold. I’d actually pay money to see this.

Which brings me to my next question: why aren’t there more fireworks shows throughout the year where people can just buy a ticket, show up, get drunk, and watch fireworks. Like a drive-in movie theater for fireworks (but without the drinking and driving). That’s something I might be inclined to spend a few dollars on.


If you didn’t know what was happening (that someone messed up and shot them all of at once) I honestly think it would be reasonable to assume there was a war going on and gravity had reversed…because that’s a totally reasonable assumption.

Once more in GIF:



Absolute chaos, I love it.


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