The Rock Just Revealed His Hardcore Post-Workout 4 A.M. Breakfast That Would Kill Most Bros

At no time in my life have I ever wanted to be as muscular as The Rock. In fact, I actively avoid eating protein and even going within eyesight of weights for fear that I might wake up the next morning with bulging biceps and a shaved head just like him since I’m told that the “Man” look isn’t becoming of a young lady such as myself.

You though? You can go ahead and pound protein and throw weights around (assuming you’re a dude), since muscular men are A-OKAY whereas chicks with killer quadriceps are kinda…well, blegh. If you’re gonna commit though, you gotta commit 100% like The Rock and his gnarly 4 a.m. breakfast:

For those of you who don’t know what you’re looking at, that’s 5 packs of Cream of Wheat, 4 scrambled eggs and 8 ounces of bison meat…plus ketchup. So if you’re looking to get ripped/jacket/shredded or whatever muscle-related adjective floats your boat, you better get cooking like The Rock.

[Images via Instagram]