Genius Thief Steals Yacht Worth $3.2 Million, Only To Crash And Sink It Before Even Leaving The Marina (Video)

I’m sure the owner of this 80-foot Hatteras Yacht worth $3.2 million is LIVID, but frankly I’m just impressed at the sheer level of stupidity this would-be thief displayed. He managed to board the multi-million dollar yacht, crash it into multiple other boats (and docks), then partially sink the boat, all without ever leaving the marina.

This incident took place earlier this week in South Florida (Miami Beach to be exact) but it got lost in the shuffle of all the Hurricane Matthew news. The thief got away and still remains at large, which is just salt in the wounds of that boat owner.

This failed yacht theft attempt reminds me of something my cousin encountered recently when going out nighttime fishing for snook in Sarasota last month. He and our friend Ben pulled out of their canal to see two teens and a 30-foot sailboat stuck on the sandbar right across from the mouth of the canal. The two dudes (teens) were waving their hands, in need of help, so my buddies stopped. The dudes were in desperate need of water, but they said they were sailing to North Carolina…from Sarasota. To do this they would’ve had to sail from halfway up the Gulf of Mexico on South and around Florida then up the coast…but they didn’t pack any water for their trip? I think I forgot to mention that these dudes said they were leaving from Sarasota. Obviously the entire interaction got sketchy pretty quickly and my buddies realized that these kids were stealing a sailboat, so they found a reason to leave and then called the Coast Guard. They later found out it was some sort of insurance scam and the would-be thieves were stealing the boat to sink it so the owner could later recoup money from an insurance claim.

I’m not claiming that’s what is going on here…but you never now.


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