Here Are 25 Things That Almost All Of Us Learned In School That, Shocker, Are NOT Actually True

by 1 year ago
things we learned school not true


Amazingly, not everything you learned in school is actually, gasp, true. No way, right? Sorry, but that’s a fact you can believe.

As the folks over at list25 were kind enough to point out, there were actually a whole bunch of things that we were misinformed about by our teachers.

They say that the teachers probably weren’t trying to pull the wool over our eyes, but I don’t know. Those teachers can be a sneaky bunch.

A few of these things were simply because science hadn’t caught up yet, but others, they were just flat-out wrong.

For the lazy and/or time-constrained here is a TL;DWatch version…

— The food pyramid
— There are only 5 senses
— Brontosaurus has been debunked
— That doing well in school would lead to doing well in life
— You will only use cursive handwriting in college
— The tongue has different taste sections
— Cracking your knuckles will lead to arthritis
— You need to learn math without a calculator because you won’t have a calculator with you all the time.
— Columbus discovered the Earth was round
— Pluto is a planet
— Glass is a slow moving liquid
— You can’t start a sentence with “because”
— Adults know what they’re talking about
— Sunlight powers all life on Earth
— Veins are blue
— Electrons orbit the atom like little planets
— Dinosaurs are extinct
— Stomach ulcers are caused by stress and diet
— Your country’s heroes were the good guys
— Carrots are good for your eyes
— You can’t rely on Wikipedia for information
— The appendix is useless
— Women can’t make new eggs
— You can’t produce new brain cells
— Dinosaurs had leathery, reptilian skin

The more you know, right?


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