This Is The Most Swiped Right Dude On Tinder–Would You Have A Beer With Him?

IN HIS DEFENSE, if you were approached to do a video about being the most desirable dude on Tinder, you’d almost have to act like a world-class douchenozzle. Because the mere fact that it was someone’s job to find out whose been swiped right the most is laughable in itself.

With that said, is he a bro you’d want to slug beers with? I can surely think of others I’d prefer to kick it with, but it may be pretty entertaining to kick back and hear this dude’s tall tales about pulling tail on Tinder. Granted, he’d probably try to fuck my sister, but may throw me a few pity throw aways from his Tinder vault so we’ll call it a wash.

If you can get past the insufferable self-importance of my man Chad here (I know his name’s Andy but I choose to call him Chad and I don’t have to answer to you), he does give some solid advice on the profile pic structure that garners success: self portrait shot, full body shot, the funny pose shot, the laughing candid shot, and the dog owner shot. The diversity in these pics should even increase matches for slobs like you and I by 800% (a stat I pulled out of my ass because again, I don’t have to answer to you.)

Would you rather have a beer with a dude like Chad or a dude like me–whose Tinder douchiness makes Chad look like baby Jesus? Probably neither. I understand.

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