This Video Of A Robot Running Through The Woods Is Proof That Robots Will Soon Be Our Overlords

by 4 years ago

Remember hitchBOT? Twenty years from now when we’re bowing down at an alter of some Metal Gear Solid-looking hunk of machine, we’ll look back and think about that slob in a Randall Cunningham Jersey who killed hitchBOT for a YouTube stunt, causing our new robot overlords to enslave all of humanity.

Yesterday Boston Dynamics presented some demo videos of their new humanoid robot, Atlas. There’s some insane footage of the robot running through the woods at full sprint with a power tether, which can only mean one thing: These machines will soon be humanity’s master.

When the bald guy in the Hawaii shirt starts talking about how the robots will soon be in “shooting range,” I got queasy at the thought of running from this thing if it was armed with a weapon.

Aloha, bitch!



[H/T: Gizmodo]