Watch Thousands Of Sharks Swimming In Shallow Waters Just Off A Florida Beach And Never Go Swimming Again

If you’ve ever spent any time in or on the ocean then you know this: sharks are everywhere. Sure, the numbers of many species of shark around the globe are rapidly declining, but there is still an absolutely astonishing amount of them swimming around in shallow waters all across the globe. Wherever there’s an easy meal that’s where you’re likely to find some sharks hanging around.

Shallow waters are often fertile grounds for young fish, with this fish fry using the skinny water as a natural form of protection while they mature into big fish. Likewise, a ‘pass’ is often fully of fish (and sharks) because there’s a lot of moving water due to the tides rising and falling, which funnels baitfish and easy meals right into the mouths of passes for fish and sharks to feast upon. The mouth of a pass is not a particularly good place to swim if you’re someone who is easily spooked by sharks, and this video will show you why:

You’ll have to indulge me here a little bit, because everything I am was forged in the sub-tropical hell hole that is Florida, but the thing I love the most about this video is that nasty ass green water that I grew up in and love. Sure, that crystal clear and/or sapphire blue water you get down in the Florida Keys and all throughout the Caribbean is wonderful, but that’s not what I associate with home. But for me it’s that nasty ass green water that’s not really discernible from a Las Vegas pool that’s been pissed in for a solid 12-hours that really warms my heart, not the waters of the Mediterranean that are so clear you can see the bottom from 30-feet deep.

This is the water I’m talking about: