Three Brave Souls Go On A British Talk Show To Discuss Life With Micro Penises, Host Whips Out Tape Measure

Generally speaking, the importance of penis size is constructed by men who measure their manhood as a direct correlation to the size of their meat popsicles. Women don’t really care as much as we think. It’s kind of like when women obsess with each other over the shade of their nail color when men wouldn’t notice if they painted little swastikas on them.

But at this point, there’s no turning back, its been ingrained in our subconscious–men equate small penises to being less of a man, and for better or for worse, that’s just the way it is.

That’s why these three men who appeared on a British talk show to try to stomp out the small sausage stigma are basically putting the Scarlet Letter on their chests in front of millions.

Ant, Clive, and Jack, whose penises range from 3-4 inches, went live on British talk show This Morning and seemed very comfortable with their tootsie rolls, claiming the size has had no affect on their sex lives and no partner has brought it to their attention (to their faces).

Wait, is she…Yes she’s bringing out the tape measure.

[protected-iframe id=”a09528c1267d75958db77693214a844f-97886205-37946113″ info=”″ width=”480″ height=”270″]


I guess size doesn’t matter, but just to be safe, I’m perfectly ok with my anaconda.

[h/t Mirror]

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