Watch These Thugs Go To Rob An Old Man…Only To Get Beat DOWN Because He’s Actually An Ex-Boxer

Not only is Karma a bitch, but it’s a fickle one as well. She only pops in when it really matters, which means just because you half-assed a few volunteer hours at the local soup kitchen last weekend doesn’t mean you’re going to pass your summer class this month. So when a bunch of drunk thugs went to go and rob this poor lil’ old man…they got their shit pushed in, packed, and then sent off to the gulags in Sibera. According to Mirror,

This is the jaw-dropping moment two young men appeared to pick on the wrong OAP – an ex-boxer who hasn’t lost his fighting prowess.

The two men, who according to Spanish news site 24 Horas were drunk, had emerged from a shop with carrier bags at the same time as the elderly man.

CCTV footage shows one of the men approaching the OAP before he appears to exchange a heated confrontation with him.

So even though you failed your summertime chem exam last week, be happy knowing that your soup kitchen hours at least went to beating a bunch of Russian thugs down.

[H/T Mirror]