This Girl’s Tinder Bio Gives The Only Acceptable Reason Ever For Wanting A Boyfriend

Look, you’re 24. You’re young. You can go out and do fun things and be single and fly around the world without any strings tying you down to home. Why get yourself stuck in a relationship when you can live your life up? Sure there’s some stuff that only couples can do, like ride around in 2-person paddle boats and do that Lady and the Tramp spaghetti thing…

…but there’s one crucial activity that every person has tried to do at one point in their lives and subsequently failed at if they didn’t have a partner to help them, and this girl is on a mission to remedy that situation with a boyfriend.

On one hand, fuck that song. On the other, fuck not being able to have a smooth transition back into the rap portion. Life is hard.

[H/T Mirror]