Tinder Dude Gets Realll Racist After An Asian Girl He Planned To Go On A Date With Doesn’t Respond Quick Enough

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Check out my man, Nick here. Seems like a normal guy who enjoys a cold beer and lets old ladies take his seat on the subway. We all know a guy who looks like Nick, and for the most part, they are our mothers’ favorite friend of ours. But, as we well know, looks can be deceiving. Nick is a prick.

Nick doesn’t understand the essential rules of Tinder: don’t get tied up on one girl, don’t send more than three unanswered messages in a row, and oh ya, don’t be racist. Nick broke all three of these golden rules, and now his face is being plastered all over the internet. Gotta be a tough morning for Nick walking into work.



Nick’s conversation with the young lady started off as any budding love does, but then Nick makes the mistake of revealing his douchebag colors far too early.



Can you feel this spiraling downhill? I sure can.



Bro, how much did you have invested? Nick was obviously planning on proposing to this chick on the first date. That is the only possible reasoning for someone to get this upset over a stranger. I’m not sure Nick understands that Tinder has an endless amount of women, and if he stopped being such a dickwad, at least one would agree to let him buy her drinks.

Since Nick was outed, another girl has come forward to tell her story about this gentleman.





Hey Nick, if you’re reading this, do less. Do significantly less.

[h/t Refinery 29]


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