Tinder For People Who Only Graduated From Ivy League Schools Throws A Party That Looks Like An Orgy For The Rich And Beautiful


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Way back in January we first told you about The League, a dating app only for “elites” that have graduated from Ivy League schools. Unlike Tinder, The League keeps the riff raff out so rich, young 20-somethings with perfect genetics and super-brains can do what they were doing back in New Haven and Cambridge and East Hill and Wharton and only fuck each other. Because if there’s one thing that brings the wealthy brains together in the bedroom, it’s a shared interest in crew, Brooks Brothers, and world domination.

A Stanford graduate named Amanda Bradford is the founder of The League and raised $2 million for it earlier this year. It launched in New York City earlier this year to only 2,500 Ivy League graduates. Bradford gloated back in January about The League’s mission: “We want people to think of The League as a little more grown up and tasteful, for young professionals who want to go out for a coffee or a drink and aren’t just about hooking up.”

OK! This past weekend Business Insider awesomely crashed a party The League threw out east in Montauk at the exclusive Hampton’s party spot, Surf Lodge. Mischa Barton! As were dozens of other single chicks and finance Bros who look like literal cliches of Ivy League people. OMG, it’s Camp Tigerclaw Bros IRL!

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But anyway, Maya Kosoff and Cale Guthrie Weissman’s pics from the story (which you should go read! Right now!) illustrate just how beautiful and elite the people on this dating app are.


Business Insider


Business Insider


Business Insider

And of course, BROS! Lots and lots of FINANCE BROS, in particular, Broing out in the Hamptons a.k.a. “The Slamptons.”


Business Insider

Smile, Bros!


Business Insider

And the best pic of the whole batch, this gem. Someone didn’t land a date.


Business Insider

Go read the full thing over at Business Insider…

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