Tinder Granny Has Gotten Over 100 Boyfriends Less Than HALF Her Age And Says It’s Given Her ‘Renewed Vigor’

56-year-old Gaynor Evans claims that she’s picked up 100+ boyfriends using dating apps over the past five years, and while you may be like “Ew” and I may be like “Vomit,” grandmother-of-three Gaynor only sees benefits when it comes to dating men half her age. What are those benefits, you ask? Do you really want to know? Because right after you find out you’re going to picture Gaynor getting pounded out by some stallion less than half her age, and even if you weren’t thinking about that you’re going to be now because I just said it. Still curious? Fine. According to Mirror,

She said: “It’s fairly simple really – they’re young, fit, and fun.

“Younger men have got stamina, drive, enthusiasm and are able to repeat perform.”

… She said: “Older women are confident in our own skins, there’s no dancing around. We know what we’re going to do and how to do it.”

“We’re not pinning them down for dates, we’re not chasing them on the phone or saying ‘what are you doing this weekend, where are you taking me?’”

… “I always have a few on the go. I’m not saying you sleep with one, one night, another the next but over the course of a month you might see a couple of different people,” she said.

How does she find these men? Apparently she’s got three methods to her madness:

  • She meets boys when she goes out on the town at night
  • Using Tinder
  • Using specialist dating website toyboywarehouse.com (wut)

Gaynor reportedly gets “a couple of dates a week” doing this, whereas you’re lucky if your right hand is at least half-willing to jerk you off even once a week.

It’s not like Gaynor will go and swipe right on just ANY guy though – she’s a classy broad. She has standards. She reportedly prefers to go out with dudes who are between the ages of 25 and 35, supposedly because “they have more passion.”

Let’s put it this way – Matt Keohan is 28 and his biggest passion seems to be eating gummy bears and getting bi-monthly STD screenings to make sure none of the empty one night stands he has will come back to bite him in the ass.

That is the definition of “passion” when you’re a guy between 25 and 35, apparently.

Even though Gaynor seems to be out on the prowl regularly, she says that family still “comes first” and has a 24-year-old son living at home:

She said: “When his friends are round I go into mother mode.

“I smother them and I don’t even visualise them in any other way than I am the mum.”(via)

Not everyone is happy with Gaynor’s wild ways though, as her daughter, 37-year-old Laura, didn’t always approve:

Laura said: “I just wanted my mum to be normal. I thought: why couldn’t she just find a man that’s a similar age and maybe wants to settle down.”

But she now accepts her mum’s wild ways – although she still doesn’t want to see Gaynor in pulling mode: “If I’m out with my mum she might have an encounter or a kiss but I don’t like that in front of my face.”(via)

Despite her love of the dating game, Gaynor admits that being a cougar is most likely not going to last for much longer, however that doesn’t mean she’s quitting right this second. Relishing in her new-found youth, Gaynor says “You’ve got to do what makes you happy and young toy boys make me very happy.”

Agreed: do what makes you happy, even if it makes other people…y’know…

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