This Bro’s Opening Line On Tinder Was Smoother Than A 25-Year-Old Scotch

I see no way that this bro’s opening line on Tinder didn’t get him laid. When Lana-Rae saw that first message I think it’s safe to assume that her heart melted, fireworks went off downstairs, and all that other shit people feel when experiencing ‘love at first sight (on Tinder)’. My only regret in finding this bro’s opening line is that you bros won’t be able to go forth into the world and use this line, that is unless you ever match with Lana-Rae, then you can use this line again and in your chances of getting laid will be 99.99%.

If ye olde ‘Ear Anal’ Tinder ice breaker doesn’t get you laid then I don’t know what will! This is without a doubt the smoothest, most unique Tinder ice breaker we’ve ever seen on a World Wide Web that’s full of never ending screenshots from people who think they had the best opening line ever. Those other people are wrong, because ‘Ear Anal’ is absolutely the best Tinder ice breaker in history. We can shut it down now, because nothing will ever be this smooth again.