Tinder Match Has Nutso Story On Why She Doesn’t Eat Chicken Wings That’ll Leave You Scratching Your Head

A chicken wing could’ve murdered my family, kicked my dog, keyed a sketch of Ted Cruz into the side of my car and I’d STILL eat them. Chicken wings are the tits. Ain’t no thing better than a chicken wing that’s been deep fried and thrown into some hot sauce, but apparently George Pavlou via The Lad Bible’s Tinder match felt differently. You see, this unnamed woman dubbed “Lady Gecko” apparently doesn’t eat chicken wings.

Yeah exactly, the fuck is wrong with you? Who doesn’t eat chicken wings? When her friends order them does she just eat the celery and carrots on the side? What a pansy, eat some protein you virgin.

But apparently Lady Gecko has a very good reason for not eating chicken wings, and it involves a childhood “trauma.” I put “trauma” in quotes because while it was certainly traumatic to her, she’s really just being a total baby over the whole thing. Whatever, if you wanna live your life celibate from chicken wings that’s no skin off my back. More food for me:

[H/T The Lad Bible]