This Guy Used A Bizarre Tinder Pickup Story Involving Male Dogs Humping Each Other To Hit On This Chick And IT WORKED

Tinder is starting to jump the shark. Har-har, you hit up someone on Tinder using only lyrics from Cam’ron’s “Hey Ma”? Aren’t you funny. Oh, and you joined Tinder as Hitler and actually got matches? Well…okay that last one’s pretty good. But it’s getting to the point where if you want your pickup lines on Tinder to stand out, you’re going to have to come up with some over the top shit that’ll not only make you stand out, but grab her attention as well. Y’know, kind of like telling a beautiful love story about two gay dogs and how they’ll eventually contract arthritis due to a crack addiction. That’s unique, right?

Sure he ended it with a promise of being pumped and dumped, but how can you turn down a guy who put THAT much effort into his Tinder message? Besides, all of us need a good pump and dump every now and then.

[H/T Elite Daily, header image via Shutterstock]