Tomi Lahren Allegedly Asked ‘The Blaze’ Staffers To Heat Up Her ‘Butt Warming Pad’ Before Her Hot Takes Show

Interesting new twist to the Tomi Lahren vs. The Blaze employment lawsuit drama. Yesterday Tucker Carlson’s website The Daily Caller posted a well-reported inside “scoop” about how Tomi Lahren fell from grace inside the ranks of Glenn Beck’s The Blaze. The most amusing details are from The Blaze staffers who accused her of being a “diva” at work, “who expected royal treatment to the extreme.” This is alleged in Glenn Beck’s counter lawsuit that called her behavior “inappropriate and unprofessional.”

“Even when you wanted to give her a chance, she would go out of her way” to make people mad, one person said. “It’s like she got a high off of creating a hostile work environment.”

She even wanted someone to warm up her “butt warming pads” before taking to Facebook Live to fire off hot takes about liberal snowflakes:

Off camera, Lahren was a “diva” who expected royal treatment to the extreme, sources said.

Lahren demanded staffers heat up her “butt warming pad” in the microwave before every show, those sources said. “She expected to be treated like a queen,” one source said, referring to Lahren’s butt pad demands as “dehumanizing” to her staff, adding: “To demand they warm your butt pad is absurd.”

Lahren was known for yelling and cursing at staff and makeup artists. She often singled out one of the two makeup artists working for The Blaze, yelling at and embarrassing her, even in front of guests. It got to the point where Lahren refused to work with that makeup artist.

Lahren’s decision to share her wardrobe budget — $40,000 — in an interview with The Ringer alienated many of her staff, sources said, in part because she was contractually forbidden from disclosing that information, and in part because some of her crew made less than Lahren’s entire clothing budget.

$40,000 for wardrobe. I can only dream of working at a place some day where my employer is contractually obligated to buy me Grateful Dead shirts since that’s kind of my personal brand and what not.

A man can dream.

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