Hot Take Hottie Tomi Lahren Is Back With A Blistering Burn For All You Broke Bros Thinking Of Voting Hillary

The dumbest woman in media, Tomi Lahren, suffers no fools.

She’s only here to tell you like it is, factuality of her arguments be DAMNED. If she’s not saying global warming is a myth, woman have no right to serve in combat, or black people have it easy in America with the kind of scorching heat reserved for a blast furnace, she’s here to tell your backwards ass how to vote the American way.

Today, she took on you people who hate Donald Trump. Trump haters are immature, unintelligent, and unfair. So unfair. How can they bad mouth someone people have voted for?

Don’t you know people voted for Donald Trump and that’s their right? Millions of people have voted for him because they like him and support him and want him to be president.

But can the same be said for Hillary Clinton? Fuck, no, says Tomi.

She’s a LIAR and that’s all that matters. She has lied about things. She has said factually inaccurate statements publicly.

You can’t have that kind of person in office.

That’s why Tomi knows you need to vote Trump.

Bless this fucking idiot.