Hottie Tomi Lahren Returns With Another Unrequested Hot Take, This Time About Her Potential Rap Beef With Jay-Z


If you put a gun to my head and asked me to describe Tomi Lahren, I’d pull the trigger myself. The Hot Take Hottie is an enigma people that are way smarter than me will probably never be able to crack. Yes, I concede that she is a very intelligent and well-read individual who seems very confident in her convictions as well as in her screen-presence. However, she’s also brimming with hot-takes, most of which I’m assuming a lot of people, like me, don’t care about. Like her blistering take all millennial men are pussies. Or her conviction that Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate choice because fuck you, democratic America. She’s right and we’re wrong.

Welp, Hottie Hot Take is back again. Back in February, Lahren went after Beyonce for her Black Panthers-inspired Super Bowl Halftime Show, mostly the fact that Jay-Z peddled drugs for 14 years before he got famous, shining a light on the fact that Beyonce’s claims for safety in black neighborhoods are a tad ironic considering the man she married used to cause said crime. In response, Jay-Z and Pusha T went back at her by sampling her leveled accusations on their track ‘Drug Dealers Anonymous’, which are followed by the lyrics:

“Bitch I been brackin’ since the ’80s
Google me baby, you crazy’89 in London pull the Benz up
Type it in, Google’s your friend bruh
14-year drug dealer and still counting
Who deserves the medal of freedom is my accountant”

Hottie Hot Take went back on Jay and Pusha on Twitter:

Before following up with a video response:

No, Tomi, I’m not going to call you a rap muse, and I also don’t care how long your resume is. Also, sick Charlie Sheen reference. What is it? 2011? You’re totally the cool, young political voice we all need. Why not just forgo any sense of relevance and go for a Ghostbusters reference. They have a new movie coming out. This is kind of my problem with HHT. She sounds good and seems to know exactly what she’s talking about, but she also gives off this vibe that she thinks very little of pretty much everyone she’s addressing or speaking to. I mean, verbatim, this is how she closes the segment out:

“The best comeback to my diss was that no, he’s been selling longer than 14 years. Awesome. Gotta love America. A nation where we’re free to be proud of all of our accomplishments, even dealing drugs to kids in the projects. And for all those on social media saying I’m trying to get my “15 minutes”. Listen, I didn’t ask to be featured in the song. Seriously. I didn’t even give my permission. So I guess you can call me Becky with the blonde hair.”

First off: Boo, Tomi. That was the worst Beyonce joke of all-time. For another, what’s with the shade? You essentially took a rap lyric from a Jay-Z song and pushed it into every American’s laps, claiming it was our fault that America doesn’t live up to your standards and this is why. I didn’t say it. Don’t yell at me. I’m just a blogger who happens to live in America and use Jay-Z’s Tidal from time-to-time to listen to the new Kanye West joints. Why are you so judgmental? Is it because you’re just a kid and life is a nightmare? We’re the same age and you’re like 20x more bitter about the world than I am. Here’s my Hot Take: You should at least consider lightening up on your next segment. Maybe talk about something you actually enjoy. Like…you know. That stuff that you don’t talk about. Reading? I don’t know. I’ll let you decide.