Frosted Flakes’ Mascot ‘Tony The Tiger’ Has A New Commercial Involving Him Helping Hookers Negotiate Blowjobs

The website is called, and it features Tony the Tiger in his newest cereal ad where he helps a hooker negotiate the price of a blowjob and then…eat Frosted Flakes. I shit you not.

There’s no way in hell this is legitimately from Kellogg’s despite the fact that all the logos look legit and Tony the fucking Tiger makes an appearance in the commercial. Hell, if you even visit their website all the links lead to Kellogg’s. It’s a beautiful, beautiful troll that will most likely end in the creators getting sued for copyright infringement. Total bummer, because if this were real I’d run out and grab a box of Frosted Flakes just to show my support of fun commercials like these, even if they never make it to air.