Some Gamer Bros Filmed A ‘Top Down Shooter’ In Real Life—And Holy Shit I Want To Play It

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Only in Hollywood would a dream like this become a reality. A few hardcore gamers got together with the dream of going to a paintball arena, and filming a scene in the style of a ‘top down shooter’, then adding the after effects and making it look like an actual video game.

It’s art imitating life imitating art…or some shit like that. What this is for certain is badass. The DJ + after effects had me watching this the entire time shaking my head in confusion: is it real? What’s going on here? Then I watched the behind-the-scenes footage, and it all came together. These gamer bros made their online passion a real world reality, and it’s glorious:

Confused? Check out the behind-the-scenes footage:

Mind = Blown. Top Down Shooter is my new favorite gaming video on YouTube…if you can even call it that.


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