Bro Defuses A Bomb Like a Ninja In ‘Counter Strike’


This is without a doubt the greatest ninja defuse ever pulled off in Counter Strike. The patience here is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

How he held back after they kept popping out only to shadow the third and defuse the bomb like a damn ninja is beyond me. Seriously, if this doesn’t make you want to drop whatever you’re doing and play Counter Strike right now then there might be something wrong with you…


Let’s break that down in GIF, shall we?

Just incredible patience here as the terrorist begin to come in:



He waits it out, only to follow the last as he plants the bomb:


The bomb is defused like a straight up BOSS:



Aaaaamd we’re done here:



And the beauty here is that it was a Frenchman defusing the bomb and not just waving a white flag! Can you believe your eyes?!?!???

The ‘Bunnyhopping Extraordinaire’ is long held to be the greatest move in the history of CS, and if ever there has been a rival it’s the clip above. But for comparison, here’s the ‘Bunnyhopping Extraordinaire’ I’m speaking of:

So, which is better? Answers down below in the comments!

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