Top Fears That Americans Are Afraid Of In 2016: ISIS, Clowns, Reptiles And #1 Will Resonate With Trump Fans

What are you afraid of? Paternity tests? Mine is running out of Clase Azul Reposado Tequila. Everyone has something they dread. Americans have many fears according to Chapman University. In April of 2016, they asked random 1,511 adults from across the United States what their level of fear was for 79 different fears in a variety of topics. Answers ranged from everything from war to disease to natural disasters to financial crisis.

There were 11 major “domains” of fear.

Here are the top 10 fears of Americans in 2016.

The #1 fear of Americans is “corrupt government officials,” which 60.6% of US citizens have deep trepidation about. This could be one of the reasons why Donald Trump has had such unforeseen support since he is viewed as a Washington outsider. Meanwhile, this may also have hurt Hillary Clinton who is a career politician and many believe she has benefitted financially from her time in public office.

For 25% of the nation, they are terrified of insects/arachnids. For 17.9%, their biggest fear is “whites no longer being the majority in the US.” Spooky stuff actually scares grown-ass adults where 10.2% are afraid of zombies, 8.9% fear ghosts, and 7.8% are horrified of clowns. Fuck those creepy clowns.

You can see the entire survey here.