Here Are The Sex Emojis We Use The Most On Twitter In The United States And Europe

Remember awhile back when the Oxford Dictionary named an emoji the “word of the year?” Yeah, that was pretty stupid, but it just goes to show you how much we like to use emojis now that they even thought of doing something silly like that.

Another thing we love to do is flirt and sext using emojis because using words to do things like that are so 20th century.

So which emojis are we now using to get our flirtatious messages across these days? A study conducted by Dr. Ed has the answer and the folks over at Bustle were kind enough to put it all together in some neat charts.

Check out the rest of the charts including a breakdown by gender and more over at Bustle.

H/T The Daily Dot; Eggplant emojis image by Shutterstock

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