Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s Arrival at City Hall Today Got Real Weird

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is the gift that keeps on entertaining, although one can’t help but think his constituents might prefer a leader who is slightly less ridiculous. The nation’s most famous crack smoker’s arrival at City Hall today turned into a three-ring circus as security tried to lead him through a throng of reporters.

Clearly spooked by the onslaught, the always dignified Ford suddenly took off in a full sprint up a flight of stairs, leaving a fair amount of carnage and confusion in his wake.

It is at this point I remind you this is something that happened in a government building in the real world and is not a piece of theater from a network television drama.

The reporters at the end of this video put a nice bow on the situation by making a few wisecracks at Ford’s expense.

They should realize, however, that things could have turned out much worse.

Hell, they’re lucky to be alive.