New Study Determines The Total Amount Of Time In Life You’ll Spend Hungover And I Need To Quit Drinking Now

the hangover

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There was a time in my life when I could drink for 36-hours without sleep, pass out for 12 hours, get up and do it again. Those times are long gone, and these days I’ll find myself with a 2-day-long crippling hangover if I’m bold enough to alternate bourbon and beer in the same night.

Earlier, when I came across this study which determined the cumulative amount of time we spend hungover throughout our lives I figured it would be a big number. One so large that it would make me rethink my indomitable FOMO which inevitably leads to a skull-cracking headache and gut-wrenching nausea. At no point though did I ever think that the time we spend (on average) hungover throughout life would be this long.

The study polled 2,000 people in England and found that, on average, people will spend 724 days hungover. That’s almost TWO FULL YEARS (730 days) of our lives that we’ll spend hungover as hell.

At what point do we just accept that being hammered isn’t worth the hangover? The average male lifespan in the United Stats is only 77 years. Are we really willing to commit two of those years to being hungover as balls?

The study also found that 1-in-20 people suffer from 6 or more hangovers a month…Which, I mean, HOLY FUCK THAT’S A LOT. That’s a clinically terrifying amount of hangovers, and if anyone out there is suffering that much they need to seek out counseling…or drink more water and Pedialyte.

(h/t VinePair)